Rest & Release Pack

Rest & Release Pack

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A beautiful nurturing pack filled with all things to support rest and release of anything that is not serving you.

This pack includes 

"Jasmine & Vanilla" Distillery Fragrance House Candle

Sage Smudge Stick

- For purifying the atmosphere, dispersing negative energy, protection, relaxation

Nature's Lavender backflow incense cones

Palo Santo Stick

- Used for energy cleansing and spiritual purification


-Increases your intelligence, uncovers unconscious belief patterns, beneficial to the eyes, nerves, brain, bones and spinal chord, offers psychic protection, helps with bad dreams


- Protects psychic ability, counteracts darkness, assists with self healing, reduce and relieves stress, boosts courage


- Cleansing, awakens one's psychic abilities, protection from negativity, stimulates creativity, aids in overcoming addictions


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