Enar Therapy uses a hand-held, therapeutic medical device which works directly on the skin, anywhere on the body. Enar is essentially a neuro -feedback stimulator that uses reflex biofeedback, via the sensory nerves, the brain and central nervous system, to prompt the body to restore function and relieve pain. The Enar device is Australian made and listed on the Australian register of therapeutic goods.

How Does It Work?

The device communicates with the nervous system via electrical impulses applied through the skin to stimulate a response. By restarting and facilitating the regulation of nerve energy flow the adaptive cycle resumes and natural recovery and healing follows

 What Are The Benefits?

As a safe, non-invasive and natural alternative, the ENAR system works like acupuncture without the needles to diagnose and treat painful conditions/injuries that may not respond to other forms of treatment. By moving over the body through the skin and working at the cellular level, it leads to functional improvements and general health restoration by treating energy blockages. This electro-stimulation therapy reawakens and enhances nerve functionality, with proven results in effective healing and pain management, while promoting general health.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This is dependent on individual concerns, where acute conditions may respond sooner and require fewer sessions, while for chronic conditions it may take longer and require more sessions.